By Zoe Moon

We enlisted the help of the astrologer Zoe Moon to find out what we all have in store for June 2017.

We enter June with New Moon momentum still pushing us forward with our ideas and local activities, talks and meetings, agreements and sales, writing and interviewing, short trips and transportation, siblings and neighbors, electronics and important decisions, with the potential to enter into new dynamics or situations, or to take our current interests to that next chapter. This is in flow until the 9th so get out and about and speak up! Mercury joins in with this focus on the 6th so the period with Mercury picking up on what the New Moon promises and carrying it forth is good and lasts until the 21st, giving you an extension with the opportunities.

Mars is moving into Cancer on the 4th where he will now travel until July 20th. We haven’t had Mars here in a couple years and to be honest, it is not his favorite sign to tour. Why? Because Mars likes to act in the moment and is about moving things into action, anger or passion, and in Cancer, a water sign of emotions, he feels like he is treading water or under water or emotionally hamstrung a lot of the time so please take this into consideration. During these weeks ahead this combination will most likely slow a bit of your activity down and push you to deal with the emotional side of whatever is happening. So you can make progress, it’s just not as clean and quick as at other times. With Mars in Cancer he wants action done now at home, about home, with/about family, parents, roommates, moves, renovations, history, ancestry, security needs, childhood issues, or real estate deals.

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