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Kate Hudson stunned in her latest ad campaign for New York & Company.  Celebrity hairdresser David Babaii created her micro-textured look.  “I call this her Blondie meets Jetsons Bob, a great A-symmetrical bob that is a perfect look post baby and post her short hair.”  How did Babaii help Hudson get the los?

David started began with his luxurious n:p beautiful Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. “Hydration is critical for many women after having a baby to replenish and renew their strands.” Next, he applied a small amount of Miracle Serum followed by  Volumizing Spray.  After all, “What woman doesn’t love fullness?” he asks.  To style, Babaii blew Hudson’s hair out, using his hands to create “micro-texture,” a combination of tiny waves, texture and picey strands made by twisting, pinching and roughing mini sections with his fingers.  To complete the look, he  sprayed with Beach Spray on one-inch sections and loosely wrapped these pieces around three fingers to create a large loop.  “The key to this step is to take random sections of hair to make the mico-texture pop,” he explains, as he pressed the n:p beautiful Vibrating Flat Iron around each circle, scrunching it in his hands as it cooled to  further enhance the mico-texture.


Seventeen Magazine is reducing its print frequency from a bi-monthly to occasional publication.  Following its “digital-first strategy,” the Hearst title is the latest heritage magazine to be put on life-support.  A spokes person says that nearly 75-year-old magazine will continue to publish “special stand-alone issues pegged to news events and key moments in readers’ lives.”  According to WWD, Seventeen‘s current media kit only offers a single prom-focused issue for 2019.

A Hearst spokesperson shares, “Seventeen is leading an authentic conversation with a growing audience — from social issues to important life advice, it is a resource and an ally for teens and young adults.  Continuing the digital-first strategy introduced in 2015, our focus will be on the brand’s two-plus million unique visitors and more than 12 million followers across social media.”



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A Japanese proverb states that one kind word can warm three winter months. What can also make the cold winter months better is a great skincare routine and your beauty must haves! Our friends at share some winter recommendations

SUN PROTECTION  Stick to your sunscreen. It may be colder, but experts advise that we keep on applying a sunscreen cream on our face even after August. The UV light, however weaker during winter, can still have aging effect.

LIGHTEN UP ON EXFOLIATION  Yes. exfoliating is great to get rid of all the dead skin cells, but be careful if you do it during winter as your skin is more likely to be sensitive due to the cold weather.  An over-solicitous exfoliation can lead to scarring.  Break out the hydrocortisone cream when soothing chapped, scaly skin and the topical antibiotics should the skin break.

COFFEE OR WATER?  Limit your intake of coffee and alcoholic beverages during the winter months. Days become shorter and the sun is not out as long, so you will inevitably feel sleepier. Instead of caffeine, top up with water to feel more energized during your mid-day dip at work. Read more of this story »