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Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Reese Witherspoon looked to her Southern roots when launching her new perfume line, In Bloom,reese-witherspoon-in-bloom-fragrance2 with cosmetic powerhouse Avon.  Reese says the name captures this particular time in her life where she is blooming both professionally and personally. The actual scent of the perfume was inspired by her childhood in Tennessee. The A-list actress spoke with Beauty Undercover about developing the sophisticated scent.

Beauty Undercover: In mixing up the perfume did you look back to your childhood in Tennessee?
Reese Witherspoon:  My childhood was spent in the front yard in a gigantic magnolia tree. 
I knew it had to have magnolia blossom in it.  Also, my mother always wore gardenia perfume so
I’ve always been attracted to white flowers.   We added other flowers and softened it a bit and made it very sophisticated. (more…)