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Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Have you ever encountered tooth sensitivity after eating a chocolate bar, licking an ice cream cone, or biting down into a crunchy apple?  Tooth sensitivity affects approximately one out of every eight adults, according to a survey in HealthDay News.  The study reported that sensitive teeth were most common in young adults, women and people who had receding gums or did at-home tooth whitening.  We turned to Beverly Hills restorative dentist, Dr. Gaby Cosgrove, to get to the root of the problem!

Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

According to Dr. Cosgrove, tooth sensitivity can present as a result of tooth decay, fracture, and enamel sensitivity.  Tooth decay occurs when bacteria breaks down the tooth’s protective surface, leaving exposed areas vulnerable to sensitivity.  Fractures, caused by weakened fillings and restorations (often by age) or from excessive nighttime tooth grinding, can cause bite/pressure sensitivity.  Excessive enamel wear from tooth grinding, acid reflux, or recession of the gums exposes the roots at the gum line, thus causing sensitivity.  “Once the hard enamel coating of the tooth is worn through, the dentinal tubules communicate and are closer to the nerve of the tooth,” shares Dr. Cosgrove.  “That’s why the teeth feel so sensitive to touch and cold.”

Ways To Combat Sensitivity

“The best way to combat root surface sensitivity is by using a toothpaste like Sensodyne with active ingredient potassium nitrate to seal dentinal tubules,” shares Dr. Cosgrove.  To manage discomfort, over-the-counter, topical dental desensitizers can be applied to root surfaces or in a bleaching tray appliance.  “Some people benefit from using prescription strength Fluoride based tooth pastes at night only,” she offers.  “Dentist and hygienists can also apply fluoride varnish after a teeth-cleaning to seal dentinal tubules.” (more…)


Tuesday, June 21st, 2016
Lily Collins

Summer is the perfect season to play with color — in our produce, in our wardrobe, and, of course, in our hair.  On Tuesday, actress Lily Collins showed off her vibrant new ‘do while running errands in West Hollywood.  Collins (left), 27, chose a bold shade of red, while others are looking to vibrant pinks, oranges, purples and blues to spruce up their color palates.  According to celebrity colorist, Ray Salazar of Beverly Hills’ Nelson J Salon, while yellows and greens are  more fade resistant hues, reds, purples, and blues “fade into pretty pastels.”  But do you have to go to a fancy salon to play with this look?

These days, drugstore aisles are the perfect places to play with color.  Over-the-counter brands now offer “so many fun permanent and semi-permanent colors and color conditioners that last up to 16 washes,” says Salazar.  But not every hair color can hit the “high notes” of DIY color.  “Blondes and whites are the best candidates,” he shares, adding, “brunettes can be a little more difficult.”  Those with darker hair are advised to go to a salon to begin the color process (which includes some kind of lightening product); the rest they can do at-home.  Due to the porousness of their hair, brunettes should also expect for their color to fade faster.



Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Winter Beauty Fashion. Girl in Warm Clothes on a SnowstormWith extreme weather patterns ranging from coast-to-coast, our Undercover Agents are combating everything from windburn and dry scalp to chapped lips and cracked hands.  We decided to ask the experts from some of the world’s most glamorous spas to share their favorite winter skincare remedies, as they suggest which treatments to book to banish them!

·         Dry Skin
Expert Tip: “An easy, natural way to keep skin from drying out is to drink plenty of water daily, and be consistent with moisturizer,”  shares Lindsey Neeley, Assistant Spa Director at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando Spa.
Suggested Remedy: experience the Illuminating Mineral Facial; mineral-enriched products from the healing waters of Budapest are massaged into the face, rehydrating dry skin.

·         Sun and Wind Burn
Expert Tip: “Use chamomile tea to ease the discomfort of burned skin. The tannins offer anti-inflammatory properties that relieve and calm the sense of burn, ” says César Sánchez, Spa Manager of the Costa Rica Marriott Hotel San Jose.
Suggested Remedy: enjoy an Antioxidant Facial; ingredients rich with antioxidants hydrate burned skin, combat premature aging and provide a healthy glow.

·         Dry Scalp
Expert Tip:  Gabie Holloway, director of SoSPA at Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, suggests, “Massage your scalp to enhance circulation and help produce natural oils for a healthy, happy scalp and silky soft hair.”
Suggested Remedy:  try a Pure Tranquility Head and Scalp Treatment; a localized acupressure massage nourishes hair, while also alleviating headaches. (more…)