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Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

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According to legendary makeup artist, Bobbi Brown, a bold red lip isn’t for everyone (including herself and Jennifer Aniston).  The classic red lip evokes the style of Grace Kelly, when paired with minimal makeup elsewhere.  To update the classic, Brown asserts it must be accompanied by the  look of ease — without liner or gloss!

“I am a fan of a true matte finish for long-lasting wear, but make sure the formula isn’t too dry or it will noticeably dry out lips,” she warns. “Apply with a brush and blot! Always check to make sure you have filled in to the inner corner of the mouth and to the end of the lips with out over lining.”  Again, the overall look must appear effortless and pared with a nearly-bare face (minimal blush, black mascara, nude shower, and tailored black liner (on the top lash line only)

If you are still searching for that perfect red, Brown recommends a bright pink or blue red for very pale skin, an orange-red for warmer skin tones, and a browner red for deep skin tones.  “Don’t be afraid to mix your own shade, using two or more of your favorite colors,” she adds.


Thursday, November 29th, 2018

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Skincare and lifestyle guru, Bobbi Brown, isn’t one to deprive herself over the holidays.  Enlisting the help of holistic health coach, Mia Rigden, Rigden shares her divine Turmeric Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  The sweet treat features Brown’s EVOLUTION_18 Overnight Vanilla collagen powder.  After all, who doesn’t want to become more beautiful while they indulge?  Click here for the recipe!
Other treat include an afternoon chocolate smoothie, mocha protein latte, and walnut cacao beauty bites.  For these recipes and more, please click here.


Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

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Bobbi Brown is the First Lady of beauty.  So its no surprise that her pro tips are both universal and practical.  In the latest issue of justBOBBI Brown shares, “When it comes to covering up a blemish, you never want to use under eye concealer.”  Why?  “Since under eye concealer is one shade lighter than your skin tone, it will only highlight what you want to hide.”  So what is an Undercover Agent supposed to do?

“Choose a concealer designed for the face to spot cover any imperfections or redness,” suggests Brown, who even likes those  “pencil-style sticks in skin tone colors.”   Whichever you choose, apply it directly to the redness and blend with fingers after applying  foundation.  To finish, simply dust some skin-tone colored powder to set.