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Sunday, April 26th, 2015


Do you know the difference between a BB, CC, or DD cream?  Sometimes even Undercover Agents get a little puzzled.  That’s why we turned to Board Certified dermatologist, Dr. Rebecca Baxt, to teach us our ABCs!

BB creams are short for beauty balms or blemish balms. First developed in Germany by a dermatologist who wanted a single cream to protect skin and provide coverage after laser treatments, the all-in-one formulation became a sensation in South Korea and then spread throughout Asia. Today, almost every major beauty company has a BB cream which focuses on priming the skin and providing hydration.

CC creams are known as complexion correctors or correct and cover creams.  Packed to the gills with vitamins C and E, they are similar to BB cream, but focus on color correction and coverage.  Lighter than BB creams, a CC cream helps with redness, acne, dark spots, sallowness and more.  According to Dr. Baxt, “if you’re acne-prone, have dull skin, dark spots or constant redness, CC cream is for you.”  And if discoloration is your primary concern then start with CC creams, she adds, because “you will more than likely find a product that contains skin-brightening ingredients such as arbutin or daisy flower extract.”

DD creams are the daily defense or dynamic do-alls.   Fresh to the alphabet soup, these products combine the power and benefits of both BB and CC creams; however, their primary focus is anti-aging by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.   Additionally DD cream will balance skin tone and protect the most sensitive areas of your skin.  “If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, this cream is the cream for you,” says Dr. Baxt, adding, “look for an alphabet cream full of ingredients like retinol, firming peptides or adenosine.” (more…)


Monday, August 4th, 2014


Beauty Undercover has discovered a guilt-free treat that’s (almost) good enough to eat!  Tree Hut’s Daily Defense Duo is decadent dish for the skin, infused with a warm Raspberry Macadamia scent.  The extra-rich DD Day Cream SPF 20 provides the benefits of an intense moisturizer, with added SPF Protection.  Infused with certified organic Shea butter, Raspberry Seed, and Macadamia Oils, its non-greasy formula spreads easily and extensively for smooth, long-lasting coverage. The Daily Defense Dry Oil Mist SPF 8 is a quick-dry, multifunctional, moisturizing oil infused with certified organic Shea butter, aloe, Raspberry, Macadamia, Safflower, and Jojoba Oils.  Designed to hydrate and protect the skin with its feather-light formula, this mist provides natural UV protection and anti-aging benefits. Tree Hut products are proudly made in the USA and never tested on animals!

Tree Hut is offering thirty Undercover Agents an opportunity to win its Daily Defense Duo (retail $15) simply by liking them on Facebook and entering here.  This SWAG Alert is open to Subscribers 18 years or older with a valid US mailing address only.  Delivery is anticipated within 3-4 weeks.