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Monday, December 31st, 2018

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We all have our “magic” number, but UK sleep expert and Co-Founder of The Sleep School, Dr. Guy Meadows, asserts that we are simply not getting enough.  He believes that our bodies need eight continuous hours of sleep to receive the full regenerative benefits of the nightly act; in addition to making us feeling tired and sluggish, a lack of sleep is damaging to our appearance.  “New skin cells grow and replace older cells, explaining why when you restrict your sleep it shows on your face,” Meadows explains.  So how can we improve our beauty sleep?  Dr. Meadows shares his thoughts with Daily Mail.

  1. Set an Alarm  Dr. Meadows suggests setting an evening alarm, indicating that it is time to wind down activities and prepare for bed.  The National Sleep Foundation asserts, “Establishing a pre-bedtime routine—a.k.a practicing good ‘sleep hygiene’—is likely to help you fall asleep more easily at night and stay asleep until morning.”
  2. Sleep on Your Back  We all know that sleeping on our stomachs and sides can lead to permanent wrinkles, but did you know that sleeping on one’s back allows the head, neck, and spine to rest in a neutral position?  This wards off back and neck pain, and can also prevent acid reflux.
  3. Switch Off Screens  That means all screens — tablet, laptop, television, digital clock, and phones!  The first hour of sleep is often referred to as the “golden hour,” because this is when the body experiences an increase in activity with growth hormone production and release.  “If you’re going to bed late or struggling to fall off to sleep this repair process fails and therefore skin integrity is likely to be challenged,” Dr. Meadows explains.
  4. Tidy Up  Physical clutter can also clutter our minds, leading to unnecessary stress and anxiety.  This is when the body releases cortisol, which breaks down collagen.  Collagen is key is maintaining skin’s structure and elasticity.