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Monday, August 7th, 2017
An Irish company, Neurovalens, has released a neuroscience device which is intended to regulate metabolism rates, appetite, and fat storage.  Called the Modius, the wearable, non-invasive brainstem stimulation device (headset) allegedly burns up to sixteen percent of the subjects body fat, simply by stimulating the vestibular nerve in the hypothalamus.  Worn for a minimum of forty-five minutes, five times per week, Modius signals to the body that it is physically active and moving its set point for body fat down.  According to Neurovalens Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jason McKeown, “The mechanism for that was in place to stop you losing weight. In the event there wasn’t much food available, your body changes its metabolism to try and increase fat storage,” he said. “It’s very well tuned at stopping you losing fat; unfortunately it’s not finely tuned to stop you becoming overweight.”
Modius, which is still patent-pending, is categorized by the Federal Drug Administration as a “general wellness device,” and does not require a prescription. Crowdfunding and pre-orders for the device launch on Tuesday, August 8th in both the UK and the US.