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Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Image courtesy of EWG

Did you know that nearly 95 percent of Americans own a cell phone, and that 12 percent rely on their smartphones for everyday Internet access?   As smartphone use continues to increase in the U.S., the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) last month issued its guidance for individuals and families who wish to decrease their exposure to the radio frequency energy emitted from cell phones. Cell phones emit radio frequency energy when they send and receive signals to and from cell towers, and some scientists and public health officials believe this energy may impact human health.

The new CDPH guidance includes practical steps both adults and children could take to reduce exposure to radio frequency energy from cell phones. That includes:

  • Keeping the phone away from the body
  • Reducing cell phone use when the signal is weak
  • Reducing the use of cell phones to stream audio or video, or to download or upload large files
  • Keeping the phone away from the bed at night
  • Removing headsets when not on a call
  • Avoiding products that claim to block radio frequency energy. These products may actually increase your exposure.



Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Women’s Voices for the Earth allege that the Food and Drug Administration has failed to act on dangerous hair straighteners which contain unsafe levels of  formaldehyde, in a motion filed July 28th in federal district court.  This is an addendum to the groups’ lawsuit against the FDA for its failure to act on a six-year-old petition requesting an investigation into popular hair smoothing treatments that are still sold in stores and salons. These straighteners – often known as keratin treatments or by the name of one prominent brand, Brazilian Blowout – contain formaldehyde, a known human carcinogen and potent allergen.

“The FDA has failed to protect stylists and consumers from exposure to formaldehyde,” said Melanie Benesh, a legislative attorney at EWG. “Since at least 2008, the agency has known about the health hazards associated with these hair straightening products and done nothing. Despite the complaints, the FDA has yet to take action to regulate these products.”  High levels of formaldehyde make many keratin hair straightening treatments a serious health threat for both clients and salon workers. These treatments involve liquids applied to hair, which are then heated using blow dryers and straightening irons. The high temperatures of these hair styling tools cause the liquids to release formaldehyde into the air. (more…)


Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

The non-profit and non-partisan, Environmental Working Group (EWG) is dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. Its in-depth research has uncovered everything from potential hormone disruptors to carcinogens in popular sunscreens, cleaning products, water supplies, and foods. Choosing a sunscreen can be hard, but with EWG’s latest Sun Sampler Pack, you can test-drive nine sun safety products – from top brands including Juice Beauty, Goddess Garden, Suntegrity and more – so you know what works best for you and your family.  You can’t get this unique collection of products together anywhere else, and all nine samples can be yours with a donation of just $40 or more today! But supplies are limited, and just like the last pack, this one is sure to sell out fast – don’t wait!