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Tuesday, September 5th, 2017
K-Beauty is here to stay.  Ramping up its arsenal is mass retailer, Target, who launches an exclusive collection of products by Glow Studio on September 10th.  The capsule will include a streamlined version of the traditional ten-step beauty routine, consolidating protocols into four-step kits, as well as Whamisa by Glow Recipe, a line of green and chai tea-infused skincare products, Make P:rem and LJH, two popular K-Beauty brands.
“K-Beauty is one of the fastest-growing categories in premium skin care at Target, and this fall, we’re continuing to add newness to our assortment with the launch of Glow Studio for Target, a collection developed alongside the seasoned K-Beauty experts from the e-commerce site Glow Recipe,” shared Mark Tritton, Target Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer.  The retailer currently stocks more than 70 K-Beauty skus, many of which were curated by Alicia Yoon, of Peach & Lily.