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Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

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After our faces, the hands are the body part which people notice most frequently. In spite of this, hands are one of the our most neglected areas.  The folks at Beautypress share how to keep our hands in tip-top condition…

  • Why do it?   Due to relentless use of our hands, washing and exposure to all kinds of weather, our hands are fastest aging parts of our bodies. If we do not properly care for our hands, they can actually make us look and feel older than we really are.  Because the skin on back of our hands is thin and delicate, taking proper care of them is essential to avoid dry, cracked skin and premature aging.
  • For the Glove of It!  Consider wearing hand care gloves before exposing your hands to a lot of water, chemicals or while working in garden. It prevents getting dirt under the nails and protects our manicures! In winter while going out, pull on a pair of mittens or gloves, as cold winter air can quickly strip away moisture from the hands.
  • M is for Moisturize  Washing our hands frequently during cold and flu season dries out our hand’s skin quickly, particularly in winter. It’s best to apply moisturizing hand cream to the hands at least three-four times a day. For daytime use, choose a light, water-based and fast absorbing moisturizing hand lotion with an SPF.  A heavier, oil-based cream is good for night, so that it can soak in while we are sleeping.  If heavy housework causes us to perform multiple hand washings,  it is best to start and end our days with a heavy hand cream for added protection. (more…)


Thursday, November 10th, 2016

With the arrival of fall, we’re excited to break out our yummy sweaters, fashionable boots, fabulous scarves, and turn up the heat!  Yet, as we ease into winter, we are not looking forward to the return of painful, seasonal dry skin. It’s time to put away those light summer moisturizers and reach for the strong stuff:  Zim’s Max Crack Creme.  The cornerstone of the Zim’s   family of naturally-based products, Zim’s Max Crack Creme Creamy Daytime Formula was developed more than 60 years ago by a pharmacist in Ohio to treat cement workers’ cracked, dry hands and feet.  Crack Creme is an herbal formula, featuring Aloe Barbadensis, Bay Leaf, and Arnica Montana.  Applied several times daily, it is perfect for softening and moisturizing rough skin and tough patches on elbows, knees, hands, feet, and cuticles. While the Creamy Daytime Formula is great for everyday use, the Original Liquid Formula is excellent overnight.

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Tuesday, September 27th, 2016


*Unretouched photos of subject, age 47

In spite of our anti-aging regimens, hands often betray us, revealing the truth about our chronological ages.  Like the face, hands gradually lose their volume over time, resulting in thin and wrinkled skin as well as unsightly veins and tendons (chords).  While injecting a dermal filler is an obvious treatment for restoring volume to our hands and faces, which filler is best?  We recently discovered that only one has been approved by the FDA for hands:  Radiesse.

Radiesse is different from traditional hyaluronic fillers, as it contains calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA), a substance that is identical to what’s naturally found in the body. When injected into the skin, these unique, patented, microspheres initially perform as a filler and, ultimately, stimulate new collagen production.  Over time, though, the body gradually absorbs the Radiesse itself, leaving behind one’s own collagen.  Los Angeles dermatologist, Dr. Helen Fincher, chooses it for her patients’ hands because, “Radiesse is a quick-fix for those bony veiny hands that were hard to treat in the past.  It provides a nearly instant natural result with minimal pain and downtime.”

Radiesse lasts up to twelve months in most patients and is relatively less-expensive than other dermal fillers.  Typically a single treatment costs $800; however, this varies based on provider’s location and the quantity needed.