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Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

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When shopping pricey skincare products, its best to be savvy about claims and have realistic expectations.  There are no firming or tightening products whose results can duplicate what one receives from in-office medical procedures such as dermal fillers, Botox, lasers, or cosmetic surgery.  Yet, some products can garner desired  results for a finite amount of time. Harriet Ploeger, Executive Director of Swiss results-driven skincare brand, Instytutum, asserts, “While some cream promise to freeze lines and wrinkles or plump and lift the skin, the effects are simply temporary.”

That is not to say that one will not receive an immediate tightening effect; however, Ploeger warns of the condition of the skin after application.  Typically, the gel-textured product contracts, dehydrating the skin and often causing pilling, like a facial mask.  Denver Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Manish Shah, concurs.  “Almost without exception, when you buy a product claiming to tighten skin, its effects, if any, are due to ingredients such as film-forming agents. Just like the name states, film-forming agents form a film on the skin, and that can make the skin ‘feel’ tighter.” (more…)