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Thursday, December 6th, 2018

courtesy of SOKO Glam

A new EWG analysis of serums and essences, popularized by Korean beauty, or K-Beauty, finds that about 40 percent of the products were formulated with less hazardous ingredients. U.S. sales of K-beauty products have increased by almost 300 percent in the past two years alone.

EWG researchers analyzed 352 products in the Skin Deep database from U.S., European, Korean and other Asian companies, looking at the hazards posed by the ingredients and the price point per fluid ounce. Skin Deep assesses products based on the hazards associated with their ingredients. Consumers often assume that more expensive skin care products are made with healthier ingredients. This is not always the case. Many of the green-scoring products we assessed cost less per fluid ounce than did products with worse scores. Some of the most expensive products – costing as much as $640 per fluid ounce – scored in the red range.

“We analyzed the ingredients used to make the serums and essences based on their hazard scores in Skin Deep,” said Kali Rauhe, an associate database analyst at EWG. “Sixty-six of the products met the strictest criteria for health and transparency, to earn the EWG VERIFIED mark. Five of these EWG VERIFIED products made our Best Bets list, meaning they are less hazardous for you and your wallet.”

EWG researchers found that companies can make a trendy personal care product that also meets the rigorous standards for health and transparency dictated by the EWG VERIFIED program.  “We wanted to highlight that product marketing, packaging and cost often have very little to do with the safety of the ingredients used in the product,” said Nneka Leiba, director of EWG’s healthy living science program. “Consumers are drawn to the design and price point without realizing that the information on the front of the package is not vetted by the Food and Drug Administration, the agency governing personal care products. So a company can claim almost anything and use almost any ingredients without penalty because they’re so poorly regulated.” (more…)


Thursday, May 31st, 2018
Nothing reminds us more of summer than slices of fresh watermelon.  That’s why we are eagerly awaiting the launch of Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Masks on Friday, June 1st.  Made with real watermelon, these masks are packed with antioxidants and vitamins.  Featuring centella asiatica to help soothe irritated skin and hyaluronic acid for optimal hydration, the $8 sheet masks are expected to sell-out immediately.  Curated by Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, the K-Beauty incubator, has gone well-beyond the walls of its e-commerce site.  Having launched several other products at Sephora since March last year, this will be the company’s forth collaboration with the retailer.  According to WWD, it is expected that Glow Recipe will do more than $30 million in retail sales in 2018 alone.



Tuesday, September 5th, 2017
K-Beauty is here to stay.  Ramping up its arsenal is mass retailer, Target, who launches an exclusive collection of products by Glow Studio on September 10th.  The capsule will include a streamlined version of the traditional ten-step beauty routine, consolidating protocols into four-step kits, as well as Whamisa by Glow Recipe, a line of green and chai tea-infused skincare products, Make P:rem and LJH, two popular K-Beauty brands.
“K-Beauty is one of the fastest-growing categories in premium skin care at Target, and this fall, we’re continuing to add newness to our assortment with the launch of Glow Studio for Target, a collection developed alongside the seasoned K-Beauty experts from the e-commerce site Glow Recipe,” shared Mark Tritton, Target Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer.  The retailer currently stocks more than 70 K-Beauty skus, many of which were curated by Alicia Yoon, of Peach & Lily.