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Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

Last month Kylie Jenner revealed on Instagram more natural-looking lips.  When asked about the paring down of her signature pout (above), she simply replied, “i got rid of all my filler.” Beauty Undercover asks, will women around the world follow suit and kiss lip-fillers goodbye?  According to top New York/New Jersey facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Miller, “Some women will blindly follow what Kylie does, but we always encourage our patients to do what’s best for them – what will make them look best and most natural.”  Dissolving hyaluronic acid fillers is not a new or controversial procedure. Doctors simply inject an enzyme called Hyaluronidase into the filler area, with results usually seen in a couple of days to a week.  Sometimes, though, more than one injection is required.

Natural has always been on-trend; however, according to Dr. Miller, “that doesn’t mean that aspects of the body can’t be enhanced and made to look a lot better while still being in the realm of natural.”  So how does he enhance the lips while keeping the look natural?  “You basically get a natural looking mouth by working within the confines of the patients natural anatomy,” he explains.  But how can one avoid the dreaded “trout-pout”?  Quite simply, “If the upper lip naturally protrudes some, then you don’t want to overfill it or it will just stick out more,” he explains.

While most doctors continue to use a form of hyaluronic acid to enhance lip volume, silicone (once a four-letter word) is, surprisingly, making a comeback.  “Silicone is a very viable option,” according to Dr. Millers. “It is now a much higher grade of silicone than in years past, and as long as the microdroplet technique is done over a few sessions, the result looks very natural and can be semi permanent.”


Sunday, July 8th, 2018

photo courtesy of @kyliejenner/Instagram

Maven and new mother, Kylie Jenner, is looking more youthful than her nearly 21 years these days. Her once over-inflated pout (inset) has been replaced with a more girlish, natural lip line.  Acknowledging the transformation on Instagram, Jenner admitted, “i got rid of all my filler.”
Fan responses were resoundingly positive, ranging from “You look so beautiful without the fillers it looks way better on you” to “Yas old Kylie!! You look amazing.”


Friday, May 11th, 2018


Mothers and daughters are known to have rather complicated relationships … but what does it mean if your mom hijacks your Instagram account?  If you are Kylie Jenner and your mom/momager is Kris Jenner, you simply enjoy the ride — all the way to the bank!  According to @KrisCosmetics Kris promises to be taking over the beauty account “ONLY FOR A LITTLE,” while displacing @KylieCosmetics.  “Kylie will have her #kyliecosmetics account back soon,” Kris assures, while promoting her upcoming Kris X Kylie Collection, which launches t 3pm PST on Mother’s Day.

The on-line exclusive collaboration will feature a “You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie” highlighter and blush palette, $48, an eight-shade Momager Mini Lip Kollection (shades are called, Middle Finger, That’s Wild, Too Blessed and Boss),  $42“I Have One Word For Tonight … Vodka” eye shadow palette (including shades, It’s an Emergency, 10%, Very Nice and Impressed) $42, a nude lipstick, $17, and liner, $12.  “Eventually, the end goal is being a major global brand, so that it’s not only available online internationally, but actually found internationally in retail space,” Kris Jenner shared with WWD.