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Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

Green Juice

Juicing isn’t just a celebrity trend any more; rather, its become a lifestyle among urban 18-49ers.  Available in specialty shops, markets, and even your local drugstore, its hard to find a lunch menu without a proper juice selection!  But how do we balance the benefits of juicing without encountering its many pitfalls?  We asked registered dietician, Amanda K. Foti, of Selvera Wellness, to share her juicing checklist:

1. Check the overall calories. Depending on the ingredients used, some juices can rack up over 300-400 calories from the fruit and sugar. If you’re using this as a post workout beverage or even worse, to compliment a meal, you will be consuming a high amount of calories in a short amount of time. Look for the lower calories options around 100 calories.

2. Check the sugar levels! Some green juices can quickly rack up over 25-35g sugar. Avoid juices that use fruit juice as a base and certainly those that have added sugar. Often times the added sugar is to improve the taste, but it’s not doing any favors for you waistline or health. Keep it to less than 15g and avoid any juices that list sugar, cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup or any other sweeteners in the ingredient list.

3. Check the Protein! If you’re grabbing a juice for a meal replacement or a post-workout refuel, you want to make sure your juice is paired with a protein source, at least 10g. Some juices will add protein powders, soy milk, or yogurt to boost the protein. If protein isn’t included, grab a whole food source of protein to compliment your juice like hard boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, or a protein bar (at least 10g protein, less than 15g sugar). (more…)