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Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Makeup artist, YouTube guru, and Global Creative Director of Lancôme, Lisa Eldridge, is launching a limited-edition trio of red lipsticks.  Featuring a blue red, Velvet Ribbon, a brick red, Velvet Jazz, and an orange red, Velvet Morning (pictured above), the lipsticks will be released  November 19th on-line. The author of NY Times bestselling book, Face Paint -The Story Of Makeup, and jewelry designer (check out her collection of semiprecious earrings and rings) has worked with celebrities ranging from Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman, Rihanna, and Kate Winslet, to Victoria Beckham, Kendall Jenner, Keira Knightley, and Cara Delevingne.  Eldridge consulted with Shiseido and No7, prior to joining Lancôme, and with her expansive collection of tutorials, one wonders why it took her this long to develop her own capsule collection. 

On Wednesday, Eldridge cryptically posted an André Breton quote on her Instagram page, “Objects seen in dreams should be manufactured and put on sale,” with the tag, “Something is coming .”  Speaking earlier in the week with WWD she confessed, “I hadn’t planned to create a lipstick, but I had a dream a few years ago about a lipstick with a velvet fabric bullet. It was on a shoot where I stuck actual red velvet onto a model’s lips and while it was fun, it wasn’t comfortable for the model.” Velvet has clearly been in Eldridge’s consciousness and her lipsticks channel those thoughts; she notes that the formula has a “delicate finishing effect” not found in other lipsticks and the reflective sheen, she assures, closely resembles velvet. 

Lisa Eldridge’s limited-edition lipsticks will retail for 26 pounds ($33.77) apiece or 75 pounds ($97.42) for the trio.


Monday, July 2nd, 2018

Last week Nicole Kidman led a panel discussion of everyday sun healthy habits at the #EverydayisASUNday Symposium, hosted by Neutrogena.  Living every day like a SUNday means incorporating micro choices to make sunscreen a part of your and your family’s daily routine.  Mantras from the event were Savor the little things, Involve your kids, Live a healthier life, Take care of yourself, and take care of others, and Every day matters.  Just in time for July 4th, we are reminded of the  #EverydayisASUNday tenants.  Whether you will be throwing a holiday barbecue, attending a pool party, or enjoying a beach walk, Neutrogena has you and the entire family covered with thirteen (13) of its top sun care products!

Neturogena is offering a limited number Beauty Undercover Subscribers an opportunity to SWAG its top Sunscreen lineup (retail $154.37) simply by following them on Instagram (or Facebook if you do not have) and entering here. This SWAG Alert is open to Subscribers 18 years or older with a valid US mailing address only (no PO Boxes, please).  Delivery is anticipated within 3-4 weeks from notification.


Monday, June 25th, 2018

Nicole Kidman @neutrogena’s Everyday is SUNday Symposium

On Sunday Nicole Kidman spoke at the #EverydayisASUNday Symposium at Los Angeles’s Lombardi House.  The panel, which was moderated by Extra’s Renée Bargh and featured The Myths of Happiness author, Sonja Lyubomirsky, discussed everyday sun healthy habits and incorporating sunscreen into daily life.  Guests were able to try out numerous lotions, sprays, and sticks, including Neutrogena’s new Hydro Boost Water Gel Lotion SPF30!  Privately Kidman spoke with smaller group about beauty, wellness, motherhood, and working beyond an actress’s “shelf-life.”

THE POWER OF SCENT  Little known fact:  Kidman has been creating her own perfumes and body oils since childhood.  She would source local health food stores for natural fragrant ingredients.  “I’ve always loved perfumes and I also like oils,” she shares. “I believe in the power of a smell mixed with an oil, and what it can do with your psyche and even for sleep.”  While she is not married to one particular fragrance, a constant in her beauty routine is pure coconut oil.  Applying it to her hair and skin, she loves its sexy, beachy scent.  “It makes me feel good and reminds me of being a teenager,” she remenisces.  But fragrance is not limited to the women in her home.  “I like smelling good and my husband likes smelling good.  We’re a ‘smell good’ family,” she laughs.

STRESS RELEASE   When Kidman was seventeen her mother, Janelle Anne, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  “It was an incredibly sad time for our family,” she recalls.  As a result, her father, Antony, a clinical psychologist and author, began researching the connection between stress and cancer, and encouraged the family to practice meditation.  Kidman practices twenty minutes of meditation every day.  “If I’m working I do it at lunchtime.  And everyone knows that I go.  I eat and I go meditate.”  Another thing that Kidman’s father introduced to the family was exercise.  “I started exercising as a teenage girl really, kind of against my will,” she shares, “But I did it … It just became a part of who I am and I attribute that to him.”  These days she tries to get her daughters to run with her.  “Five minutes even, its just a good little thing to put into their lives.”

DON’T WORRY  Kidman, who always knew that she wanted to become an actress, began working in the industry at the age of fourteen.  Remembering her awkward years (being a 5’11″American-born Australian teenager with a wild mane of curls), people would frequently say to her, “When you’re older you’ll be really pretty.”  Huh?  While we have seen her transform into more ordinary characters on film, it is hard to imagine Kidman as anything but stunning in real-life.  Speaking to her 20-year old self she would advise, “There’s a long life ahead.  Take care of yourself and know that you will make it to 50 and beyond,” adding, “You don’t have to worry so much.” (more…)