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Wednesday, October 24th, 2018
Leave it to Pat McGrath to introduce a collection of glittering, rave-worthy iridescent lipsticks.  BlitzTrance, available in eight shades, ranging from illicit violet and blue pearlized neon pink, to fiery copper and magnetic bronzed rose, amplifies lips with crystal flash glow of ultra-reflective pearls suspended in a creamy, emollient-infused formula. Product melts smoothly onto the lips, drenching them in rich pigments infused with a lustrous glitter for the ultimate in multi-dimensional shine.


Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

image courtesy of Instagram @diormakeup

Ditch the fake spray tan and glittery face bronzers because summer is  over, but the fall makeup trends have a plethora of products to offer. Number one rule, of course, is glowing, natural skin!  Here beautypress has compiled the top must-haves for the fall season this year, plus a bonus beauty trend!

NATURAL BROWS — Must have: a brow pencil or kit  Naturally full brows are the single most important part of our makeup routine this autumn! Whether you have thick, groomed brows a-la Cara Delevigne or more like those of 60’s fashion icon Twiggy, there is no need to panic! Carefully apply a brow pencil with sharp but short strokes where hairs normally grow. Choose a color lighter than your natural hair color to correspond with the tint of the brows. The great thing is that you can substitute a brow pencil with an eyeliner self-sharpening pencil – the effect will be just as good, and the difference – totally unnoticeable!

If you have full brows already, all you need to do is tweeze the excess hairs around the brow and brush them in their natural direction. Finally, finish off with a colored or clear brow gel to get that glossy groomed eyebrow look, and keep them fixed for the whole day.  Val Garland, global makeup director of L’Oréal Paris, focused on a natural, “boyish” brow at Poiret’s Fall 2018 runway show.

But don’t forget the mascara!  At Givenchy’s Fall 2018 show, superstar makeup artist, Pat McGrath, used “layer upon layer upon layer of mascara,” adding, “It does a lot for the eyes.”



Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

Pat McGrath is launching her latest (and greatest) palette with Mothership V:  Bronze Seduction ($125) on Friday, September 7th.  Hyper-pigmented shadows and futuristic formulas are both hallmark’s of Mother’s (aka McGrath’s) shadow collections.  Bronze Seduction includes ten extravagant shades, saturated with pure color and extraterrestrial sparkle – ranging from radiant rose golds (Show Divine Glow, Rose Gold 005) and an incendiary crimson (Blitz Flame), to molten metallic bronzes (Blaze Bronze, VR Fire Opal, Astral Luna Gold, Gilty Pleasure) and a few mesmerising mattes (Entrapment, Disobedient, Xtreme Aubergine).

To get Mother’s subliminal, sublime, and subversive looks, please click here.