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Wednesday, September 21st, 2016


The Daily Mail recently published an article, “How The Big Beauty Brands Fool You Into Forking Out,” citing a variety of dubious marketing strategies, including copycat packaging, “beguiling” ingredients, outlandish boasts, and false science.  For example, Rodial’s SUPER FIT Boob Job (top left) claims to expand one’s bra size.  Not so fast, without any scientific or clinical proof, England’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) fined the beauty manufacturer for misleading consumers.  When brands such as Dr. Ronald Moy’s DNA EGF Renewal line (top right) employ “medicinal packaging” — products are packaged in test tube-shaped bottles — Nikki Stopford, Director of Research for Which?, refers to this as “confusion marketing.”   This pseudo-scientific marketing approach makes the line seem “technically superior to others, and makes the brand seem like it has a scientific basis and is, therefore, effective.”

Pretty packages are also designed to entice the consumer, but buyer beware!  Product developer, Rachael Dunseath of Myroo Skincare shares,”Using pictures of plants on packaging is one way brands try to make people think they’re getting a product stuffed full of natural ingredients.”  Take Nivea’s Pure & Natural Moisturizing Day Cream (bottom right), featuring Bio Argan Oil and Bio Ale Vera, and Radox’s Feel Ready Show Shower Gel, with claims of pomegranate and red apple scents — the day cream contains tiny percentages of both active ingredients, where as the shower gel contains no traces of either featured ingredient.