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Sunday, September 4th, 2016
 Body By Simone
Where are Hollywood A-Listers getting their hard bodies these days?  Celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Watts, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley literally dance their way into shape with the help of former Broadway dancer, Simone De La Rue.  De La Rue, 41, leads her clients through an action-packed routine which incorporates elements of dance, aerobics, yoga, and even trampoline.   “My method, which uses mostly bodyweight and a little resistance in the form of bands and small weights, worked as fantastically for my clients as it had for me. They soon developed lean, lithe bodies, and were beyond excited to reach their physique goals,” says De La Rue.
The program, called, Body By Simone, can be followed in one of De La Rue’s three studios in Los Angeles and New York.  But what if you’re not a dancer?  “The fundamental elements of the BBS exercise program are based in dance, but this does not mean you have to be a dancer to do them,” shares De La Rue. “Anyone of any age and ability can do them” … that’s if you can keep up with an irregular beat.  While most dances are based on an 8-count, Simone’s classes are not, which can be too complicated for those who are dance-challenged.  Nevertheless, one student admits that she jumps rope in place of dancing.  For those unable to reach the coasts, Simone offers pre-recorded classes on Body By Simone TV.


Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

BangsLooking to update your look and give it some polish?  Bangs are flattering for any age and hair texture, according to celebrity stylist, Kattia Solano, of NYC’s Butterfly Studio Salon.  Solano, who’s clients have included Blake Lively, Adrienne Bailon, Olivia Palermo, Rose McGowan and Lauren Santo Domingo, suggests that having fab fringe means finding the right style for your face shape, and for your lifestyle!

Looking clockwise from top left, Oval faces (like Hannah Simone’s) are perfect for basically any bang.  “Select a bang that compliments your current cut to frame your face perfectly,” suggests Solano.  Heart-shaped faces (like Reese Witherspoon’s) have wider foreheads in comparison to their chins.  Long and tapered bangs with a center part or side sweep will “bring balance” to this face, as opposed to rounder shapes (like Rachel Bilson’s), which are pretty symmetrical.  “Choppy, asymmetrical bangs or long, face-framing bangs with a center part will help to elongate the face, drawing the eye upwards and giving your face more vertical space,” she suggests, and thick and tapered, whispy bangs on square faces (like Olivia Wilde’s), as they “add more visual width to your forehead which will soften your features and make your eyes pop.”

Not yet ready for a permanent update?  Solano recommends temporary bangs from Hair U Wear and Socap/ She USA, which are both found at Butterfly’s Bang Bar.


Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Be the first to receive Avon’s revolutionary Shine Attract Lipstick!   Friday Avon launches a one-of-a-kind fusion of luscious color and hydrating shine in fifteen shades.   A center core of color gel delivers vibrant pigment, while an outer layer provides an infusion of vitamin E for radiant sheen and smooth lips.

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