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Tuesday, December 8th, 2015


Bags are for groceries and travel — not our eyes.  Droop and sag immediately show our age, as the delicate skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than the skin on the rest of the face.  According to renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Leif Rogers, there are several causes, including heredity, sleep deprivation, stress, smoking, allergies, and fluid retention due to hormones, medication or even environmental changes. Under-eye bags become more pronounced when skin laxity no longer holds the fat pads in place, making them more visible. The good doctor shared with Beauty Undercover six safe strategies to send those bags packing!

  • Eye creams: Dryness, crepiness in the skin and very slight bagging are the first signs of chronic under-eye bags. Start treating them early and eye creams can make a noticeable difference. Dr. Rogers recommends A.G.E. eye complex by SkinCeuticals, SkinMedica TNS cream, and Elastiderm cream by Obagi.
  • Neotensil: Described as “the shapewear of skin,” Neotensil, by Living Proof, is a film that’s great for a quick, short-term fix. Simply glide two thin layers of gel under the eyes – one base and one activator – and allow it to dry for all-day effects with no down time.
  • Lasers: Lasers are quite effective for tightening sagging skin while targeting creepy areas.  From the mildest to the most aggressive treatment, Dr. Rogers suggests the following:
    • Clear & Brilliant – Safe for both the upper and lower eyelids, Clear & Brilliant gives tired-looking eyes a pick-me-up with minimal down time, but does not completely eliminate significant bags.
    • Fraxel Dual – With a few days required for recovery, the Fraxel Dual laser is stronger than Clear & Brilliant and is more effective in treating eye bags.
    • Fraxel Co2 – Much stronger and more effective than Fraxel Dual, Fraxel Co2 reduces wrinkles around the eyes. Recovery time is approximately two weeks. (more…)