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Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

Today more than 37 million American’s are affected by migraines; 2 to 3 million of those suffer from chronic migraine pain.  While a well-executed facelift can make a person look and feel younger, did you know that the same surgery can help reduce migraines? According to Dr. Adam Hamawy, a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Princeton, New Jersey, “One of the secondary benefits of having a surgical browlift is if you have chronic migraines, it may get rid of them as well.”

Dr. Hamawy explains that one of the nerves which triggers severe migraines travels through the forehead by way of the corrugator muscle.  “This is the muscle that helps you frown and causes the 11 lines we treat with Botox,” he shares.  Note:  the FDA approved Botox to treat migraines in 2010.  “When you relax the corrugator with Botox or release surgically in a Browlift, this relieves the pressure on the trigger nerve ( the supraorbital nerve in this case) and reduces or eliminates those bad migraines.”   Yet, the benefits of Botox typically wear off in three months and, in most cases, the headaches return. (more…)


Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

There is always a new fad or fashionable procedure in plastic surgery.  Most of these have been designed simply to attract new patients; but the truth is that plastic surgery is an art and the major procedures remain the same.  According to celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. T.Y Steven Ip, who has offices in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach and New York City, “it is really all about the artist.”  Dr. Ip shares the top five procedures which not only remain the gold standard, but provide the most dramatic results.

  1.  Tummy Tuck – This procedure is most common post pregnancy if there is loose or sagging skin or if there are weakened or separated muscles that cannot be fixed through exercise. The results will create a smoother and firmer stomach with noticeable results. The two surgical options are either a full or mini tummy tuck. In a full tummy tuck the first incision runs from hipbone to hipbone, usually running down along the public hairline and a second at the belly button. The goal is to be able to cover this scar with a bathing suit bottom. In a mini tummy tuck only a single incision is made where the patient has the loose, sagging skin.
  1. Breast Augmentation – For patients who are flat chested (hypomastia), breast implants can have a dramatic change both physically with improvement in body proportion and socially with improvement in self esteem.
  1. Facelift – Once skin has lost elasticity, the use of botox and fillers will not correct facial aging. Deep wrinkles, fine lines and excess skin all contribute to an older appearance and a facelift will help reduce those signs by tightening the skin, giving the entire face a more youthful appearance.