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Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

French women have always set the standard for global beauty — from their fashion and accessories to their eating and grooming habits (minus the lack of deodorant!), we are captivated by their je ne sais quoi?  Recently, we’ve discovered a luxurious import that doesn’t make us wince from the exchange rate.  Saint Germain Paris is a line of Parisian-designed makeup made for American women.  Designer Patrick Foucart noticed that many lower-priced products in the cosmetic market simply lacked elegance.  “I couldn’t imagine a Parisian woman using them with much confidence or ease,” he said.  So he set out to develop a line that combined quality formulas with a simple, yet, chic design at a bon marche (or good deal).  We at Beauty Undercover say, merci!

Saint Germain Paris is offering twenty Beauty Undercover Subscribers an opportunity to win a spring makeup collection featuring a an Eyeshadow Duo, Rose Nail Polish, Pink Lipstick, Sparkling Brown Liquid Liner and a chic makeup bag (retail $20).  First follow them on Twitter and remember to include your eyeshadow duo color preference when entering here.