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Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

facial-tattooWhile facial tattooing satisfies some, others seeking pure saturation have turned to sclera or eyeball tattooing.  London tattoo artist, Sara Night, pictured above, was aware of the potential risks before undergoing the procedure at a local studio.  With more than 70% of her body covered in colorful ink, the former beautician, 32, shared with The Daily Mail, “You have to be very precise.  If I’d moved my eye by just a few millimetres while having it done, I could have gone blind.”   International tattoo artist and pioneer, Luna Cobra, began experimenting with the procedure in 2007.  Since then, he has fine-tuned both the technique and the materials to “increase the safety and minimize the risks of tattooing the eyeball.”  However, he warns of visiting unseasoned and poorly trained practitioners because they can cause vision impairments such as blurred vision, spots or floaters, and even blindness.   Both Cobra and Night acknowledge that the long-term effects of eyeball tattooing are still unknown.