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Monday, March 12th, 2018
We’ve all heard of counterfeiting in the beauty business.  While the packaging may appear identical, the product is just not authentic.  Some even counterfeit their spokespeople, as Christie Brinkley soon discovered when she was named in a recent lawsuit.  Carla Young of Tennessee claimed that she signed up for a trial supply of Skin Noir and Eye Noir skincare products which caused burns on her face.  But why is Brinkley, the beauty guru and founder of  Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare, being named?  According to the suit, “Christy Brinkley Skincare is known to have helped promote, manufacture and/or distribute the SkinNoir and EyeNoir products.”
      But this is not the case.  According to Kelly McCarthy, partner at Sideman & Bancroft, an intellectual property and brand protection group, fraud in the beauty business accounts for nearly $75 million in losses annually.  Sharing with with WWD she explains, “Cosmetics and skin-care companies are hit hard by counterfeiters.  This is unfortunate because counterfeit cosmetics and skin care can contain potentially dangerous ingredients which can pose a health and safety risk for the consumer.”
      So how are Brinkley and her company responding?  “We are sympathetic [to the victim] and want to find and pursue our own legal action against those damaging our brand,” shares Andrew Surwilo, chief executive officer of Atlantic Coast Brands, Authentic Skincare’s parent company. “We are not going to stand by idly.”   Brinkley suggests, “One way we can help women distinguish my products is that these fly-by-night companies don’t put my name on the bottle,” adding, “As soon as we get wind of it, we try to shut them down.”


Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Just days after shooting her first beauty campaign with L’Oréal Paris, London blogger and model, Amena Kahn, has stepped down amid controversy over several anti-Semitic posts recently discovered on social media.  Kahn was set to be the first Hijab Model to appear in a mainstream beauty campaign promoting diversity through the brand’s Elvive line.  In a statement on Instagram she wrote, “I deeply regret the content of the tweets I made in 2014 and sincerely apologise for the upset and hurt that they have caused.  Championing diversity is one of my passions, I don’t discriminate against anyone.  I have chosen to delete them as they do not represent the message of harmony that I stand for.”

A spokesperson for L’Oréal shared with WWD, “We have recently been made aware of a series of tweets posted in 2014 by Amena Kahn, who was featured in a U.K. advertising campaign.  We appreciate that Amena has since apologized for the content of these tweets and the offense they have caused. L’Oréal Paris is committed to tolerance and respect towards all people. We agree with her decision to step down from the campaign.”  Last year L’Oréal Paris severed ties with its first transgendered model, Munroe Bergorf, among the discovery of racist comments on the model’s Facebook account.


Wednesday, December 6th, 2017


Christie Brinkley’s Authentic Skin Care is getting some color in 2018. The brand will will launch 22 new products ranging from foundations, eye concealers, highlighters, powder blush, powder bronzer, eye shadow palettes, mascara, brow-defining pencils and lipsticks, according to WWD.  The collection, which debuts February 8th on HSN and rolls out later at select Kohls, will  range from $13.95 – $27.95.